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Crucial Skills that tend to be Overlooked

The Interview

It's Not About You

Motivation vs. Generation

Attitude is Everything

Pareto Principle - Identification, Connection, and Alignment

Who's the Better Negotiator? You, Your Client, or Your Kids

Culture Creates Commitment

Quality over Quantity

Tell the Truth

Interview with Dave Summer (Owner at Pine Digital) and Scott Bush

Leads are Good….Qualified Leads are Better

Halfway Home — Are You Excited or Nervous?

Success Breeds Success

Activity Cannot Survive on Its Own

Keep It Simple. For You and the Decision Maker

See It, Believe It and Achieve It

Virtual to Victorious!

Connect. Care. Create

Interviewing? Set Yourself Apart

Go Beyond Your Role

Shift Gears to Shift Focus

What is Your Role?

Flex to Influence

Manage Inside and Outside the Lines

What Will You Choose?

Visualization — See It to Achieve It

Another Meeting? Just Ask 2 Questions