Presentation Skills – Developing Your Unique Style and Voice

The objective of the Presentation Skills workshop is to enhance presentation effectiveness of participants through a process identifying best practices and the individuals’ unique style and personality. Your own style will help create and deliver a more captivating and interesting message whomever your audience will be – customers, brokers, peers or supervisors.


Introduction to Effective Presentations

  • Understand the importance of a strong presentation
  • Recognize areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Determine traits of effective speakers

Knowing Your Purpose

  • Identify purpose and context of your presentation
  • Identify the 5 General Purposes of delivering your presentation
  • Consider what is and what is not under your control and how to adapt accordingly

Knowing Your Audience

  • Knowing the right questions to ask to properly assess your audience
  • Use the audience checklist to gain insights into your audience
  • Manage the room dynamics through proper set-up

Controlling Anxiety

  • Understand why physical and emotional anxiety is completely normal and can enhance your presentation styles
  • How to manage physical anxiety
  • How to manage emotional anxiety

Organizing Your Presentation

  • Knowing the key elements of organizing a presentation
  • Understand the various organizational templates available to you to build your presentation
  • Determine which templates work best for you presentations

Using Visual Aids

  • Understand why visual aids are crucial to effective presentations
  • Create effective slides for your presentations
  • Effectively utilize handouts, flip charts, videos and props

Getting People to Listen to You

  • Understand how to keep an audiences interest and establish credibility
  • Avoid bad habits and distractions
  • Speak clearly for understanding
  • Handle questions