Management 101

Managing yourself is tough enough. Now, you have to manage others, rely on their own personal desire to succeed and provide a roadmap to ensure the company’s initiatives are met? Managing a process along with managing the people to make it possible is what this course will teach while giving you the tools necessary to ensure everyone’s success. Understanding your role relative to culture, motivation, listening, providing feedback, delegation, coaching, resolving conflict, and team engagement will be the core topics throughout the session.


  • The changes and challenges with being a manager today
  • What is the culture of your team? (Perspective – Yours and Theirs)
  • Understand the behavioral styles of others (D.I.S.C. assessment)
  • How to motivate others and identify the motivational factors that get your team to go above and beyond their job function
  • Understand your listening preference (Active vs. Passive)
  • Providing feedback that is clearly defined, beneficial and mutually agreed upon outcomes over a period of time
  • Learn how to deal with conflict and identify which style is appropriate for each circumstance
  • Understand when to delegate and who to select based upon their experience and willingness to accomplish the task
  • Learn that great coaches do not have great answers, great coaches have great questions
  • Promote and practice team engagement