How to Be a Team Player thru Collaboration and Communication

In today’s economy, being a great team member doesn’t mean just being an effective individual contributor while satisfying your current job description. It now means something completely different. The ultimate team player initiates team engagement and welcomes collaboration and strong communication. They go above and beyond expectations to ensure the 3 “C’s” take priority – Customer, Company and Co-Workers. Great team players add value while seeking responsibility, empowering oneself and others, accepting accountability and always looking to make oneself and the teams best, even better.


  • Identify how Team Collaboration compliments Team Effectiveness
  • Recognize strengths within your team and how to leverage them
  • You. Current state of team player effectiveness
  • Crafting an effective message through assertiveness, audience alignment and mutually defined objectives
  • How to develop critical skills in becoming a great team player thru responsibility, empowerment, accountability and continuous learning
  • Create an action plan