Doing it All with Efficiency and Effectiveness

Today’s daily business activities are not like they used to be. Technology has provided tools when used properly to increase our efficiencies in order to become much more effective in our role. However, our responsibilities now cover and encourage us to inherit the work of others, multitask due to the number of actionable items filing our day while still producing at a high level. This workshop will allow you to focus on 3 key areas with clarity and consistency (30/15/5).
1) Big picture – 30K feet, 2) Project Level – 15K feet, and 3) Task and Flow – 5K feet.


  • Identify the big picture to help focus on what really matters
  • Recognize key strengths to help put things into focus while understanding the factors that can hurt your ability to focus
  • Develop mutually defined measurable objectives over a period of time.
  • Complete D.I.S.C. assessment to identify primary work styles
  • Determine complete project list
  • Identify actionable outcomes to ensure success
  • Prioritize to increase efficiency even with limited timeframes
  • Utilize tools to help breakdown projects to focus on key deliverables
  • Protect key initiatives while identifying distractions and delays
  • Use “snapback” tools to restore your focus
  • Use the ZAP thought process to handle incoming work and to create flow
  • Multitasking – Fact or Fiction?
  • Learn how to focus and control flow through an individual plan of purpose
  • De-stress to promote productivity
  • Create an action plan to bring focus and keep you there