Delegation Through Selection

Why do individuals prefer not to delegate tasks and authority to others? Simply because they either do not want to lose control or they embrace the thought of, “If I want something done right, I will do it myself.” This course will allow you to understand that when you give up control, that is when you will gain the most control. Selecting the right person for the right tasks will create a culture of trust, commitment and an empowered team. Key strategies, role-plays and exercises will enable each individual throughout the course to recognize the most important resource within their team is its team members.


  • Understand when to delegate and who to select based upon their experience and willingness to accomplish the task
  • Identify when to delegate and when not to delegate
  • Know your audience and appreciate the timing when defining the task and selecting the individual
  • Learn the 4 delegation styles to ensure a proper selection
  • Understand the coaching criteria once a task has been delegated
  • Communicate effectively in order to create a mutual acceptance through influence
  • How to handle resistance during the delegation process
  • Learn how to provide recognition, reinforcement and rewards based upon each individuals skills set and willfulness