Dealing with Difficult Employees

Some of the most difficult roles as a manager are dealing with difficult employees and situations. Difficult employees test our emotional intelligence and look to create a reaction so to try and level the playing field. Whether it be passive/aggressive direct reports or conflict resulting from culture differences or generational gaps, the circumstances can be difficult and filled with emotion. Gaining the skills and tools to help turnaround difficult employees and begin to create a mutually defined set of objectives will produce immediate solutions before any situation gets out of hand.


  • Identify the "real" problem and reframe it into a challenging opportunity
  • Manage the process as well as the people with clarity, feedback, coaching and consistency
  • Managing your reactions and stress
  • Plan, practice and deliver tough conversations
  • Identify current challenges with a direct report(s)
  • What is the behavior? What is the impact? What is a potential solution? What is the mutually agreed upon commitment?
  • Manage performance and progress through P.I.P.
  • Verbal, written and final written awareness
  • Assess your own communication and behavioral styles
  • Create an action plan to apply tools designed for a successful outcome with each difficult employee