Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact

Communication should always be driven by allowing a 2-way conversation to take place while recognizing the sensitivity in a situation and ensuring that whatever you say is appropriate. Understanding others perspectives since their perception of you will ultimately become your reality. Simple tools combined with the willingness to create a win-win environment will give any conversation an opportunity to create or sustain a successful relationship while building credibility with others.


It Begins with You

  • We must understand and focus on what we can control and what we cannot control.
  • Knowing our strengths and potential obstacles will create a foundation of communication success moving forward.
  • Rewinding the tape - Personal examples of successful and challenging conversations

Perception Becomes our Reality

  • Perception (Yours vs. Theirs)
  • The impact perception from others can have on our career, image and working relationships
  • P.I.E. model exercise (Performance, Image and Exposure)

Listening Skills

  • Listening skills that will look at the differences between active vs. passive listeners and the effects when using comprehension as the objective
  • Ask the right questions to create dialogue and understanding from their point of view
  • Listening exercise or assessment to determine listening strengths and liabilities

Communication 101

  • VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic)
  • Utilizing mirroring and matching to create a sense of comfort
  • Understand communication roadblocks
  • Using preferred communication channels to help build credibility