Communicating Up, Down and Across the Organization

Communicating effectively at every level within the organization is crucial when trying to establish trust and credibility. Whether it be proposing a new idea to senior management, looking to influence your peers for additional resources or trying to inspire your direct reports to make a change. Being prepared, having confidence and building strategies to communicate with certainty no matter the level is a roadmap for success.


Communicate with Confidence

  • Display a strong sense of confidence when communicating with your Direct Reports, Peers and Manager
  • Understand the importance in using diplomacy and tactfulness when communicating with others
  • Build rapport so to create credibility

Make It All About Them

  • Look for buy-in based upon what they need, not what you need
  • Understand your behavioral style as well as others around you
  • Three ways to communicate - Non-Verbal, Verbal and Content/Words

The Secrets to Persuasion

  • Reciprocity (Give/Take)
  • Scarcity (Supply/Demand)
  • Authority (Credibility gains positive outcomes)
  • Consistency (Clear expectations from start to finish)
  • Liking (People like people like them)
  • Consensus (What is everyone else doing?)

Communication Path to Success

  • Design conversations with clarity and mutual benefits
  • Frame the conversation to create open and responsive environment
  • Ask the right questions to instill empowerment, empathy and understanding