Coaching and Counseling Your Team

Great managers are constantly looking for new and creative ways to coach, counsel and motivate their teams. Today, most managers get caught up focusing on just the process and forget one of the most important resources within their team – it’s people. A proactive manager has the ability to increase his or her chances of success by coaching and counseling each individual’s needs and drivers prior to the action itself. It is the job of the manager to present the right coaching tool for the right person in the right situation.


  • Develop and define coaching strategies to complement your teams current vision and culture
  • Identify the 5 characteristics of a successful coach
  • Communicate with the team through motivation and listening techniques
  • Identify A, B, and C players and create a strategy for each individual
  • Create a mentor program to foster growth and upward mobility
  • Reward and recognize as a tool rather than a necessity
  • Create a growth strategy for your top performers