Business Grammar Skills

Your writing reflects YOU; this seminar will help ensure that every document you write projects a polished, professional image. In a relaxed, non-threatening environment, you’ll learn the essentials of grammar so you can correct often-missed errors. This is not like the tedious grammar you learned in school! You’ll learn practical tips and tricks to avoid embarrassing grammatical mistakes.

With lively discussion and real-time worksheets, you’ll come away with tools -- not rules – to help you

  • Punctuate and capitalize correctly.
  • Choose the correct word.
  • Use active voice as much as possible.
  • Avoid common grammar errors you might not realize you’re making, including tricky subject-verb agreement and adjective-adverb confusion.
  • Understand (finally!) when to use “who” and “whom.”
  • Fix misplaced modifiers.
  • Look more professional in every document – whether you’re writing a short e-mail or a long report.
  • And more! Everything you’ve always wanted to know about grammar but were afraid to ask….