Building Strong Working Relationships

Power in numbers. Develop your personal power by building stronger relationships with other co-workers. Recognizing the differences in others can be an asset as they can upgrade some of your personal challenges into strengths. Continue to increase your interpersonal skills will help build trust and credibility with others.


  • Learn how to build rapport and trust
  • Understand ideal communication preferences based upon the individual and circumstance
  • Create an environment that is based upon a win-win outcome
  • Identify the different languages that organizational levels speak so to make the conversation more about them and less about you
  • Recognize the correlation between communication and strong working relationships
  • Use framing and mirroring as a tool to improve relationships
  • Understand how self-perception can influence our interactions and relationships with others
  • Communicate more effectively when understanding different behavioral styles
  • Utilize questions to better understand others and their relationship needs
  • Use listening skills for comprehension, not as a reason to respond
  • Build a personal action plan